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What to do when Wheel is out of Alignment?
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What to do when Wheel is out of Alignment?

What to do if bandsaw wheel is out of balance - alignment issue:
If the wheel is loose on the shaft...and the shaft is true, then the wheel must be bored and sleeved to fit the shaft.
If the shaft is bad then you will have to start with that, and have it turned and trued.

I only like to see set screws come down on the keyway and never ...the shaft.
When you retire and crown, if done properly this will take out the rest of the hop.

Dont bother rebalancing unless you find a problem after you have done all this.
Rarely is balance the cause of vibration, it is usually an out of round wheel with a hop causing the machine to constrict open and close and have a bouncing effect.

Reboring a 30'' plus wheel may seem pricey but a fraction the cost of new. $300ish rebored/$2500ish new.




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